Expert Know-How for Textile & Clothing Industry

Book die AMON [di: amon] for high profile project management, specialized sourcing and high-quality product development!

Expert Know-How for Textile & Clothing Industry

Book die AMON [di: amon] for high profile project management, specialized sourcing and high-quality product development!

Benefit from 25 years working experience in the global textile, fashion and clothing industry.


die AMON [di: amon] Project Management for Textile & Clothing Industry and Design Labels

Tired of working with hiccoughs and delays in your project management? Do you want your projects to run smoothly and successfully? die AMON [di: amon] with her expertise, know-how and experience can put your projects back on track.

As Senior Project Manager for a large and very successful international clothing company based in Herzogenaurach, Melanie Amon headed up a number of broadscale global projects involving processes and workflows, IT application improvement and optimization within the group sourcing division as well as managing international and global planning, co-ordination, controlling and implementation. Melanie also set up and managed the
company’s Apparel Training Academy where she developed and provided various worldwide workshops and training to ensure that the international teams were in alignment.

Whatever your goals, die AMON [di: amon] with her hands-on approach will show you how to set and reach your objectives. Melanie offers consulting expertise for all areas of Project Management from product development to bulk production for fashion, lifestyle and sport. Local or international, start from scratch projects to projects which need a fresh perspective and agile guidance, die AMON [di: amon] offers professional consulting expertise to get your project off the board or back on track.

die AMON [di: amon] Sourcing for Textile & Clothing Industry and Design Labels

Are you still seeking the right sources for your products but are finding it tough wading through the international jungle of multiple sources and suppliers? In this complex international area, it is advantageous to have someone at your side who is experienced in global sourcing, someone who knows the right manufacturers for your products and has experience and contacts to ensure that your costs are kept down while getting the best
quality and delivery performance.

As a Consulting Sourcing Specialist, die AMON [di: amon] can manage, advise and guide your business in accordance with your needs. With more than 25 years in the international textile and clothing industry die AMON [di: amon] can provide a great deal of expertise, negotiation skills, an excellent network of valuable contacts and is also a specialist regarding the intricate workings of cultural uniqueness. Her passion for languages and being a travelite are a big bonus in this business.

die AMON [di: amon] is your partner within Europe or any other region for a successful choice of manufacturers to meet your needs to of quality, costs and delivery performance.

die AMON [di: amon] Product Development for Textile & Clothing Industry and Design Labels

Every successful brand needs good quality products for a competitive price, especially when it comes to apparel. Knowledgeable and savvy product development are the key to breaking into and getting ahead in this highly competitive market.

With more than two decades spent on developing fashion, performance, sport and sport lifestyle collections for PUMA. Melanie developed sport and lifestyle collections for the world’s fastest man – Usain Bolt, yoga collections with Hussein Chalayan, proved her skills with BMW and Ferrari collections, outfits for the Jamaican Bobsled Team in 2002 and 2014 as well as developing Olympic outfits for the Jamaican team in the Summer Olympic Games of 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 and sailing outfits for the Volvo Ocean Race teams in her capacity as Senior Development Manager.

With die AMON [di: amon] at your side, you company can be ensured of excellent product development from sketch to prototype and/ or go-to-market. Freelance development promotes cost optimization and streamlining as well as avoiding and preventing hiccoughs in the development phase as a result of inexperience, uncertainty or a lack of capacity. die AMON [di: amon] offers external consulting and/or will support, guide or manage your existing development team with her more than 25 years of experience in the world of textiles and clothing.


Monika Monika

Teamhead Development Apparel SMU bei PUMA Group

“Melanie has lot of experience in sourcing and development. She always showed a strong passion for her job.”

Christopher S

Merchandising, Sourcing, Procurement, Development, SCM, Branding - 20+ years in global apparel sector

“Melanie is an excellent co-worker to work with, we worked crossing team for some project and I appreciate her professional and knowledge at works. Apart from that, she is nice and easy to work with, that was my luck to work with Melanie and that was a great experience working with this gorgeous lady!”

Rafiqul Iqbal

Managing Partner

“I was lucky enough to work with Melanie in Puma. She helped me to understand work procedures as well as trained me in system related issues. Apart from her professionalism, she is a great human being!! I wish her all the success in her path. Thanks”

You are a company in the textile or clothing industry and are looking for a competent partner with know-how in Project Management, Sourcing and Product Development which can actively support you? Get in touch with me. I will gladly look at your project and give you expert advice on how I can help you.

Yours sincerely, Melanie Amon